Welcome to the online home of the Harvard Debate Council, an undergraduate student organization of Harvard College founded in 1892.

The Harvard Debate Council at the 2017 National Debate Tournament at the University of Kansas:

Left to Right: Dallas Perkins, Greg Rosenbaum ’74, Zack Steigerwald-Schnall ’21, Sherry Hall, Emily Gordon ’20, David Herman ’16, Hemanth Sanjeev ’18, Isabel Slavinsky ’20, Lev Asimow ’18, Patrick Kennedy, Ayush Midha ’19, Mat Petersen, Manny Medrano ’19, Daniel Taylor ’15, Maggie Solice, Paul Banks ’17, Andrea Reed, Brad Bolman ’15, Tripp Rebrovick ’09

The NDT Championship teamĀ at the 2016 NDT at Binghamton:

Front, Left to Right: Greg Rosenbaum ’74, Naima Drecker-Waxman ’18, Paul Banks ’17, Patrick Kennedy. Middle, Left to Right: Chris Lundberg, Lev Asimow ’18, Dylan Quiqley, Manny Medrano ’19, Sherry Hall, David Herman ’16, Michael Suo ’15, Hemanth Sanjeev ’18, Dallas Perkins. Back, Left to Right: Mat Petersen, Michael Antonucci, Brad Bolman ’15, Daniel Taylor ’15