Resolved: the United States Federal Government should substantially increase the number of and/or substantially expand beneficiary eligibility for its visas for one or more of the following: employment-based immigrant visas, nonimmigrant temporary worker visas, family-based visas, human trafficking-based visas.

Georgia State: Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson
Northwestern: Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson

Georgia State: William Karlson and Will Rafey
Liberty: Sandesh Kataria and Tara Raghuveer

Northwestern: William Karlson and Gabrielle Tandet
Las Vegas: Jillian Jordan and Alicia Smart
Liberty: Adrianna Lucero and Daniel Zhao

Georgia State: Seth Bour and Bobo Bose-Kolanu
Northwestern: Seth Bour and Bobo Bose-Kolanu

Round Robins
University of Kentucky: Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson; 1st place.

Speaker Awards
GSU: Jacobs 5th, Parkinson 17th, Bour 22nd, Bose-Kolanu 28th
UK RR: Jacobs 2nd, Parkinson 4th
Northwestern: Jacobs 1st, Parkinson 2nd, Karlson 21st, Bose-Kolanu 25th