Harvard awarded 2nd place at-large; Dallas Perkins receives Lucy Keele award

At Thursday evening’s awards assembly at the 2011 UTD NDT, the Harvard team of Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson were awarded the trophy for the second-place at large bid to the NDT.

In addition, Dallas Perkins was awarded the Lucy Keele award, recognizing his many years of outstanding service to the collegiate debate community.   Past recipients of the award can be found here.

Congratulations to Eli and Alex, and a special thanks from everyone at Harvard Debate to Dallas, for your constant dedication, commitment to excellence, and personal support of every member of the Harvard Debate family.

Harvard Debate Alumni Association Steering Committee formed!

Under the ever-intrepid leadership of Coach of Debating Dallas G. Perkins, Jr., the Harvard Debate Alumni Association Steering Committee has commenced operations designed to enhance the debate experience for current students, provide continuity with the rich tradition that underlies Harvard Debate, and plan for the future.  Steering Committee members include Coach Perkins, Professor Larry Tribe of Harvard Law School, Professor Jonathan Wiener of Duke Law School, Eun Young Choi, James L. Wilson, David Coale, Matt Schnall, Sanket Bulsara, Greg A. Rosenbaum, Joel Perwin, Jonathan Massey, Mike King, and John Bredehoft.  One subcommittee, under the direction of Jonathan Wiener and Jim Wilson, is charged with advance planning for an anticipated 2012 Reunion Celebration to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Harvard University Debate Council.  Other subcommittees will address fundraising support (chair Greg Rosenbaum) and alumni communications (chair John Bredehoft).  Watch this space for more information!