NDT 2011: Harvard Results

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Reporting from the University of Texas at Dallas….

Jacobs and Parkinson: 7-1 (22 ballots)
Karlson and Tandet: 45-3 (14 ballots)
Bour and Bose-Kolanu: 4-4 (13 ballots)

Harvard JP (neg) v. Wayne State GL (Win, 3-0)
Harvard KT (neg) v. Loyola EM (Lose 3-0)
Harvard BB (neg) v. Michigan LZ (Lose 3-0)

JP v. Michigan DS (win 3-0)
KT v. James Madison BW (Win 3-0)
BB v. Kentucky GS (Win 3-0)

KT (neg) v. Samford BG (Lose 2-1)
JP (neg) v. Georgetown AS (Win 3-0)
BB (neg) v. Texas CM (Lose 2-1)

JP v. Georgetown DM (win 3-0)
KT v. Idaho State JJ (win 2-1)
BB v. Baylor FK (win 2-1)

JP (neg) v. Northwestern FS (lose 2-1)
KT (neg) v. Georgetown AS (win 2-1)
BB v. Liberty GW (win 3-0)

JP v Baylor (win 3-0)
BB (neg) v Oklahoma GW (lose 3-0)
KT v. Dartmouth CS (win 3-0)

JP (neg) v. UT-Dallas (win 3-0)
BB v. Georgetown AS (lose 2-1)
KT (aff) v. Oklahoma GW (lose 3-0)

JP v. Cal GW (win 3-0)
KT v Whitman (win 3-0)
BB v. Mary Washington (win 3-0)

KT v. Northwestern GL (lose 3-2)

Alex Parkinson 2nd Speaker
Eli Jacobs 3rd Speaker

JP v Gonzaga KM (win 5-2)

JP v. Emory IW (lose 4-3: J. Paul*, Galloway*, Thorpe, Kallmyer*, D. Chung, Mulholland, Lamballe)

Harvard awarded 2nd place at-large; Dallas Perkins receives Lucy Keele award

At Thursday evening’s awards assembly at the 2011 UTD NDT, the Harvard team of Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson were awarded the trophy for the second-place at large bid to the NDT.

In addition, Dallas Perkins was awarded the Lucy Keele award, recognizing his many years of outstanding service to the collegiate debate community.   Past recipients of the award can be found here.

Congratulations to Eli and Alex, and a special thanks from everyone at Harvard Debate to Dallas, for your constant dedication, commitment to excellence, and personal support of every member of the Harvard Debate family.

Harvard excels at California Swing

Harvard Debate just returned from California, where Alex Parkinson and Eli Jacobs achieved a truly outstanding performance at the two coast swing tournaments.  At the USC Alan Nichols invitational, they defeated Vanderbilt in the finals for their first major tournament win of the season.  At the CSUF Kathryn Classic they were undefeated in prelims, and made it to the finals, where they took second place in a closely contested round with Emory University.  Moreover, Eli and Alex were the top two speakers at BOTH tournaments!

Congratulations also to Seth Bour and Brad Bolman for making it to the quarterfinals at Fullerton and the doubles at USC, and to the rest of the team for all their hard work!

Wake Results

Congratulations to Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson, who were the third and fifth speakers respectively at the 2010 Shirley Classic at Wake Forest, and reached the semi-finals!

2010 Season Update

Welcome back!

Harvard Debate has been having a stellar season so far this fall.  With a bright crop of first-years and led by veteran seniors Eli Jacobs and Alex Parkinson, the team is having its best season in several years.

Some highlights so far:

Harvard PJ (Eli and Alex) started the season strong, taking second place to Cal-Berkeley at the Georgia State season-opener.  William Karlson and first-year Will Rafey also reached the quarterfinals.

Eli and Alex continued their strong performance at the Kentucky Round Robin, where they were undefeated and took first place, the first Harvard team to do so since the 1980s.  Eli and Alex were the 2nd and 4th speakers respectively.

PJ went on to an undefeated prelim performance at Northwestern, cinching the top two speaker awards, and making it to the finals.  William Karlson and Gabrielle Tandet also reached the octafinals.

Stay tuned for updates from Wake Forest this weekend!

NDT results

Round the 1st

Harvard JP def. JMU (3-0).  Current record: 1-0 (3 ballots).
Harvard KR lose to MSU LW (2-1).  Current record: 0-1 (1 ballot).

Round the 2nd

Harvard JP def. Idaho State (3-0).  Current record: 2-0 (6 ballots)
Harvard KR def Georgia State (2-1).  Current Record: 1-1 (3 ballots)

Round the 3rd

Harvard JP def. Northwestern BF (2-1).  Current record: 3-0 (8 ballots)
Harvard KR lose to Vanderbilt (2-1).  Current record: 1-2 (4 ballots)

Round the 4th

Harvard JP def. Georgia State GS (3-0). Current Record: 4-0 (11 ballots)
Harvard KR lose to Mary Washington (3-0). Current Record: 1-3 (4 ballots).

Round the 5th

Harvard JP def. Michigan State LW (2-1). Current Record: 5-0 (13 ballots)
Harvard KR lose to Cal State Fullerton (2-1).

Round the 6th

Harvard JP loses to Wake Forest CS (2-1). Current Record: 5-1 (14 ballots)
Harvard KR def Cal Berkley GP (2-1).

Round the 7th

Harvard JP loses to Missouri State (3-0). Current record: 5-2 (14 ballots)
Harvard KR loses to Binghamton (2-1).

Round the 8th

Harvard JP def. Texas CM (2-1).  Current record: 6-2 (16 ballots)
Harvard KR def. Cal GP.  Current Record: 3-5.


Harvard JP VS Whitman CS – Start time 6pm PST

I will continue to update this post as the tournament progresses.